Saturday, June 5, 2010

Launch party, The Glass Demon

Today I'm going to be celebrating the launch of The Glass Demon at Treasure Trove Books in Tervuren, near Brussels (from 5pm to 7pm, if you're in the area!). I'm going to be talking about the inspiration for the book, reading from it and signing copies - plus helping to hand round glasses of pink sparkling wine (appropriately enough, from Germany, where the book is set). Treasure Trove Books is, as far as I can tell, a unique phenomenon - an English language children's bookshop in Flanders. I held a reading and signing session for my first book, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, at the shop last year and am thrilled to be returning with The Glass Demon. I popped in yesterday for a last-minute chat with Jane of Treasure Trove and found her hard at work creating a really fabulous window display designed around the theme of stained glass windows. If I can get some pictures (I guess stained glass is not the easiest thing to photograph) I'll post them later.
As for me, I was expecting to be skipping around like a spring lamb this morning, full of excitement, but I've had the mother of all migraines which started on Thursday afternoon. It's just as well it didn't start today as I don't think I could have read a word. The headache has gone but now I've got a "migraine hangover" and a glance in the bathroom mirror this morning revealed the horrid truth - I look like Bagpuss in drag. Let us hope that strong tea, fresh air and a hot shower can work a bit of magic, otherwise I may be mistaken for someone's granny this afternoon....

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