Saturday, June 5, 2010

Corks popped for The Glass Demon!

Corks popped this evening for the launch of The Glass Demon at Treasure Trove Books in Tervuren, near Brussels! Appropriately enough, the wine was a German sekt (the German equivalent of champagne) which I bought in Bad M√ľnstereifel when I was there at Easter. We didn't drink all of it, though, because it was a blisteringly hot day in Brussels - instead, we got through litres and litres of mineral water!

I talked for a few minutes about the inspiration for The Glass Demon, including the true story of the Steinfeld glass, which I've talked about before on my blog, and the involvement of the famous ghost story writer M.R.James. Then I read chapter 11 of the book, in which a character familiar to anyone who has read The Vanishing of Katharina Linden makes a guest appearance to reveal the details of someone's horrible death!

Big thanks to the ladies at Treasure Trove for the gorgeous window display and for organising the event, also to Tom Alaerts and Richard Bishop for manning the cameras at short notice. It was also great to see representatives of the Brussels Writers' Group and the American Women's Club Writers' Group. A big hand also to German pal Gabi who nobly sat through the reading in English!
Finished the evening with a Chinese takeaway (too late to starting cooking, and I couldn't face it, either!); tomorrow the glamour factor in my life is going to take a steep nose dive as I tackle all the jobs that have been neglected today, starting with cleaning the house...

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