Friday, February 7, 2014

Your three minutes of fear...

I've remarked before that I'm not a great one for reviewing stuff, because I can't bring myself to be critical. On the other hand, if I do see something brilliant - especially if it's something creepy! - I'm always keen to share it!

In the good old days, of course, most people came across intriguing references to ghosts in dusty tomes from the libraries of country houses, or glimpsed them in an old mezzotint.   Nowadays, however, we are nothing if not modern, and one of the best frights I've had in recent weeks was uncovered via Twitter. Film director Toby Meakins put out some tweets daring people to be scared, together with a link to his short film Lot 254. A lot of stuff gets posted on Twitter, and I don't often bother to click on links (enough of my time is lost to social media as it is) but this one sounded really interesting, so I watched it...and now I'm daring you to watch it too. It's three minutes long, but quite long enough to tell a story. It made me jump. I even said the F-word (tsk). Here's the link again: Lot 254.

Have you watched it? Yes? Well, those of you who survived it may be pleased to know that Toby has another short ghostly film in the pipeline, entitled Breathe. He was kind enough to let me see it, although it is not generally available online at the moment. It's doing the rounds of film festivals this year whilst a feature version is in development. Breathe has the same beautiful production qualities as Lot 254 but it's a different kind of ghost story, unsettling in another way. It has the feel of a very sinister urban legend. I don't want to say too much about it because spoilers are not fun, but the ghost can only be seen when you hold your breath. I became so involved in watching the film that I found myself holding my breath when the characters did! Well, just wouldn't be able to resist trying it, would you?

I'll post details of when/how you can see Breathe when I hear them.

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