Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Calling all UK based YA book bloggers!

Last Thursday I made one of my  rare forays out of Scotland, and took the train down to London for a flying visit to my publisher, Random House. I was there to give a talk about my Forbidden Spaces trilogy at their Crime Fiction Showcase evening.

Book one of the trilogy, Silent Saturday, was published in hardback in 2013, and the more affordable, yet still highly desirable (cough) paperback is out at the end of March 2014. The next book, The Demons of Ghent, is being published in June 2014. Check out the cover art (left) - gorgeous, no? I mean the design of course...

Anyway, it is in the nature of things that not every YA book blogger, librarian or journalist could be at the event (otherwise they'd have to have hired the Albert Hall), and some of those who were supposed to be there were unable to attend. So I thought it might be a nice idea to post my talk on YouTube for any YA book blogger or other writing-about-YA-books type person to watch.

I am not posting the talk as a public video, as the point of the talk was to give a sneak preview of upcoming delights to YA book bloggers! So it is unlisted, and if you are a YA book blogger, you can see it by getting in touch with me, and I will send you a link to the video.

You can contact me to ask for the link by DM'ing me on Twitter @helengrantsays or via email at helengrantsays@gmail.com

NB ARCs of The Demons of Ghent are not yet available.

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