Sunday, September 9, 2012

A sixteenth century zombie!

Here is another weird tale from Bromhall's Treatise of Specters, this time from the 16th century German writer Philip Melanchthon. This one describes a zombie - a corpse animated by magic! She doesn't seem to be a cannibal zombie though, since she doesn't eat any meat...

296. Philip Melanchthon reports, that he was told by Christopher Gross and Sigismund Galenius, that a certain Virgin of Bononia, that was conversant amongst men two years after her death, and who was at a Banquet whereunto she was invited, not tasting any meat, and sitting amongst other Virgins, by chance a Magitian present knowing the fraud of the Devil, saith to them that were present; This pale Maid hath been dead, and coming straight to her, taketh from under her right shoulder, an inchantment, whereupon she appeared an ugly dead corps. This inchantment had been performed by another Magitian, and thereby the Devil had carried about this corps all this while.

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