Monday, October 2, 2017

Book news!!!

I'm absolutely thrilled to say that Prosecco corks will be popping this evening as I have some book news! I've nearly burst with keeping this to myself until now, but today my copy of the signed contract dropped onto the doormat. I'm therefore very pleased to announce that my new book Ghost will be published in 2018 by the fabulous Fledgling Press!

As anyone who's read any of my earlier books will know, I'm very much inspired by atmospheric real-life locations. My novels to date have all been set in Germany and Flanders. Ghost is the first set in Scotland, and specifically Perthshire, where I have lived since 2011. It is a particular source of pleasure to me that the book has been placed with a Scottish publisher.  

Since moving to Scotland, one of my greatest passions has been researching and visiting abandoned castles and country houses. Many of them were built in the nineteenth century and then deliberately unroofed or partly dismantled in the mid twentieth century when they became too expensive to maintain. I'm fascinated by these places, and I've often wondered whether somewhere there is an intact house, decaying slowly in the middle of nowhere with all its contents inside it. Who would consider living there, and why? That is where Ghost came from.

And now...Prosecco!


  1. I can't wait! In fact, I think I'll have a glass of Prosecco right this minute. (Looking forward to the book as well...!)

  2. Woop woop woop!!! At last! A new book! Hurrah!!!!

  3. Go Helen! So pleased to hear this. I can't wait!

  4. Great news. Looking forward to reading it!

  5. Thanks all! I'm very pleased. This book took me longer to write than any of my others, and is very close to my heart. I'm thrilled it's going out into the wild in 2018!