Saturday, April 11, 2015

An A-Z of UKYA for UKYA Day 2015!

Sunday 12th April is UKYA Day, organised by book blogger Lucy Powrie. You can check out the schedule for this brilliant online event here:

As a UKYA author, I wanted to contribute something special to UKYA Day. So here's my A-Z of UKYA! 

A is for Amsterdam, setting of Keren David’s new novel This is not a love story!

B is for Blogger. How we would know about all the wonderful UKYA books without them?

C is for Chat. Look out for #ukyachat on Twitter to join in!

D is for Debut, and here’s one to check out: Seven Days by Eve Ainsworth.

E is for Emma. I can think of at least two Emmas who write UKYA: Emma Pass and Emma Haughton. So I’m putting them both in, for added value!

F is for Five Star Review. The rating that says, “Someone really loves this book.”

G is for GlassLisa Glass, whose UKYA novel Blue is being made into a film! Hooray!

H is for Historical, such as the brilliant Sawbones by Catherine Johnson.

I is for Ivory! Rhian Ivory’s YA debut The boy who drew the future is out in September; meanwhile Rhian tweets and retweets like fury about UKYA!

J is for Jess, heroine of Jane Casey’s UKYA crime novels How to fall and Bet your life.

K is for Kitty, the heroine of Keris Stainton’s Starring Kitty! Also kissing, which happens quite a lot in UKYA.

L is for LGBT. Check out This Book is Gay by James Dawson. “Frank and funny” said Now magazine.

M is for Malorie Blackman, the Children’s Laureate!

N is for Nottingham, where the next UKYA Extravaganza will be held!

O is for Ormand: Kate Ormand, author of Dark Days.

P is for Paperbacks. In the age of eBooks, some of us still love ‘em. Especially those of us who like to read in the bath…

Q is for Queen of Contemporary, Lucy Powrie, who organised UKYA Day!

R is for Reading, our favourite thing!

S is for Silent Saturday, the book that introduced De Jager, my nastiest serial killer ever.

T is for Twitter, the place to find @UKYAX, @yalc_uk and lots of other brilliant accounts bursting with UKYA news and views!

U is for UKYA. Obviously.

V is for Verity, from heart-stopping WW2 novel Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. V is also for vlogging, and we’re seeing more and more of that!

W is for Win! Enter the Scottish Book Trust’s competition and win a free signed copy of Urban Legends.

X is for eXtravangza UKYA Extravaganza, brilliant regional events for authors, bloggers and readers! The next one is on Saturday 10th October!

Y is for YALC, the YA Literature Convention that first ran in 2014 and is back again in July 2015.

Z is for Zoƫ Marriott, author of The Name of the Blade, a Japanese-inspired urban fantasy trilogy.

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