Sunday, March 8, 2015

UPDATED! Forbidden Spaces - visit them all...

After three years of climbing bell-towers, grubbing about in sewers and catacombs, exploring abandoned buildings and then writing it all down, my Forbidden Spaces trilogy is nearly complete.

On 26th March the third and final book Urban Legends is being published. I'm celebrating at Blackwell's in Edinburgh that week if any of my blog readers are able to come to that (if hearing me talk about serial killers and urbex isn't a sufficient attraction, there is also going to be wine). For my readers in Belgium, where the book is set, I hope to have an event in Brussels and/or Tervuren later in the year. I'll post details here and on Twitter, FB, etc.

I've got a super blog tour lined up for publication week! I'm being interviewed by the Author Allsorts and telling all to the Scottish Book Trust as part of their Author Confessions series, as well as blogging for Hive.

On Monday 23rd I'll be on

On Tuesday 24th I'll be on

Wednesday 25th sees me over at

I'll be featured on the Bookwitch's blog on Thursday 26th with some exciting photos (Bookwitch will also be covering the launch event and reviewing the book, so look out for those posts too)! is the place to visit on Friday 27th!

I'll be interviewed by the fabulous Author Allsorts on on Saturday 28th.

And on Sunday 29th is hosting my answer to an unusual question!

During the week there will also be some fabulous giveaways! For daily updates on all these activities see my posts on Twitter at @helengrantsays

One thing I haven't covered in those blog posts is a question I get asked fairly frequently: do you have to read all the Forbidden Spaces books in chronological order? The answer is no. The books do follow on from one another, but I have aimed to put enough back story in that it is possible to read each of them without reading the others. I'd like to think though that anyone who reads Silent Saturday will be intrigued enough by the unanswered question at the end to go and read the other books!

Veerle De Keyser, the heroine of Forbidden Spaces, is my favourite heroine of all my books, so I also hope readers will be interested in what happens to her and how her story ends on the last page of Urban Legends. I've shared her adventures in a small way, because I researched nearly all the locations I used in the trilogy by actually visiting them myself (thankfully without being chased by any serial killers). I'm also thrilled to have written a trilogy set in Flanders, because I loved living there, and it makes me feel as though I have a kind of souvenir of those three years.
I've thanked all the friends in Flanders who helped with the books in the acknowledgements at the back of each of them, but I'd like to do it again here. They have at various times picked me up from the airport, let me stay in their spare rooms, driven me to different parts of Belgium, advised me on questions of Flemish language and culture, and brought me bottles of bessenjenever (Flemish berry gin). Thank you and dank u wel!

Urban Legends can be pre-ordered on Amazon and also on Hive, and you can find the book on Goodreads here if you'd like to read reviews in due course, or post one of your own. It goes without saying that reader reviews are always hugely appreciated by authors (especially if they are kind ones!).

I hope you'll enjoy the book.

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