Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tea, love and murder

If you're in Scotland, and especially if you're anywhere near Crieff, here are some dates for your diary: 23rd and 24th August 2014 see the second ever Crieff Arts Festival, a combination of live music and literary events and exhibitions of work by local artists. If you live within striking distance of Crieff and have ever fancied coming over to explore the town, have lunch or high tea and enjoy the beautiful Perthshire countryside, here's an excuse for coming. You can have tea, nature and culture. 

For details of the programme, venues, etc see the Arts Festival website, which is being updated as more events are confirmed. 

Once again, I'm going to be teaming up with another Crieff-based author, novelist Susy McPhee, whose latest book is Back to you (see below), which could either be described as a mystery with a love story at its heart, or a love story with a mystery at its heart! Either way, it's a touching and enthralling read which kept me guessing right up to the end. 

My latest book is, of course, my Flanders-based thriller Demons of Ghent, which also has its fair share of mystery and love interest, but a much higher body count...

Last year Susy and I did an evening event with wine at the Drill Hall in Crieff - the venue was kindly supplied by Vivace Lichtman lighting, who have supported the Arts Festival brilliantly by hosting several events. This year we plan to hold an afternoon event on Sunday 24th, with tea and cakes. The event will be at the Drill Hall again, with a start time of 3pm. 

I'll post more information about our event when all the details are confirmed, but it's safe to say that those who attend can expect an afternoon of tea, cake, love and murder!

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