Sunday, June 8, 2014

Seven days of demons

Today is the last day of my first ever blog tour, organised for the launch of my new thriller, Demons of Ghent, and it's time to say a big huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part!

As well as a whole week of demons(!) I'm pleased to say that the book was featured in Countdown to 5th June, with this interview on Choose YA

This was followed by Demons of Ghent's first ever review by The Bookwitch, who described it as "that strange thing, the perfect book." I hope Demons will be reviewed many more times, but it's hard to imagine topping that! 

On 2nd June the official tour began, with fellow author Emma Pass hosting a blog post about my Top 10 Kickass Heroines.

3rd June saw Tripfiction, the site that matches your holiday reading with your destination, hosting an article about Ghent and why it has provided me with so much murderous inspiration!

Next up was the Fantastical Librarian, who asked me some brilliant questions for her author interview. Like my heroine Veerle, the Fantastical Librarian is a native Dutch speaker, so hopefully she has some fellow feelings (and doesn't mind the rude Dutch words!).

On launch day itself, June 5th, it was back to the Bookwitch, who did an author profile of me. You can find out about my favourite Swede and my hidden talent in that one!

After that I was interviewed again for Project UKYA, which was a great thrill because founder Lucy Powrie does a huge amount to support UKYA books - look out for her latest project here!

On 7th June, Fluttering Butterflies hosted something a bit new - a group interview! I asked a group of UKYA authors to ask me one question each. Featured authors were Caroline Green, Lisa Glass, Rae Earl, Keren David, CJ Daugherty, Michelle Harrison and Leila Rasheed. They asked me some amazing questions!

Last but most definitely not least, today UKYA, the site that celebrates young adult fiction by UK authors, featured my Top 10 Things I Need To Learn About UKYA. I lived abroad for a decade which is why all my novels to date are set outside the UK, and my Top 10 is a list of some of the things I need an update on before I can set a novel back here in Britain! 

Thank you so much to everyone who took part - either interviewing me, hosting guest posts or kindly sharing my blog tour on social media. It is very, very much appreciated! The virtual flowers are for you. Thank you!


  1. Thank you so much. Very much enjoying the "flowers". It was fun to do and the book is such a great read. I hope it does really well for you!

  2. Thanks! I was so pleased with the blog tour - it was great fun to do! Thank you so much for taking part! x