Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New look Silent Saturday!

I'm very pleased to say that tomorrow - Thursday 27th March - sees the publication of Silent Saturday in paperback!

I never seem to get much of an opportunity to celebrate book-ish milestones! When my first book was published and I was writing the second, we had only just moved to Flanders and were desperately trying to find our feet there. My third book, Wish Me Dead, came out in summer 2011, at a time when I was frantically organising the move back from Belgium to the UK, so I didn't spend much time cracking open bottles of champagne then either. Tomorrow will be pretty much business-as-usual, because I have a huge pile of work to do and some fairly short deadlines.

All the same, I am quietly pleased to see Silent Saturday in paperback. The cover of the hardback edition was wonderful - the design had a really atmospheric feel and the title and my name were in gorgeous big shiny letters. Still, there are some great advantages to paperbacks - speaking as a reader. They are not half so heavy, so you are less likely to drop them in the bath(!), and your arms don't get tired so quickly if you are reading in bed. And of course, paperbacks are that bit more affordable. So I'm very pleased to see this one, and I'll be raising a glass to it tomorrow evening.

Silent Saturday is available through the normal outlets but if you'd like to support your local bookshop, do consider ordering through Hive, here: Silent Saturday paperback on Hive
The Hive website allows you to order online, with the book delivered free to your nearest independent bookshop. If (shock horror!) you don't know where that is, there is a bookshop search function too. There's even a discount on the retail price.

Above: Silent Saturday is an urbex thriller - it will take you to places you really, really shouldn't be...

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