Monday, May 13, 2013

Why I love history...

A very short post today; simply something I had to share. It's from the Annals of Auchterarder & Memorials of Strathearn by Alexander George Reid, which I have been perusing for my researches into the churches of St. MacKessog and Saint Bean (Kinkell). It's about the Jacobite rising of 1715. 

"An account of the burning of Auchterarder is given by Mr. John Steedman, the minister of the parish, in a contemporary letter to Wodrow, the historian. Mr. Steedman was a timorous man, and was afraid to preach in his church while the neighbourhood was occupied by the Rebel Army. Mr. William Reid, minister of the adjoining parish of Dunning, was of sterner material, and exchanged pulpits with his brother clergyman for several Sundays, conducting worship at Auchterarder with a loaded pistol hanging at his breast."

Bless you for including that, A.G.Reid. You've made my day. 

Presbyters and pistols: the old church at Dunning. 


  1. I visited this church on Sunday and the people in the Gallery were most likely armed whilst those at the front, paying must have been dreaming of X factor or the equivalent. What a dreary interior. Well done Historic Scotland man though, bought 2 books.

  2. Yes, the interior is strange - you can't really appreciate the architecture with that gallery there. But the stained glass windows are good.