Sunday, April 28, 2013

Club Fantasci get their teeth into THE GLASS DEMON!

It's no secret that The Glass Demon is one of my favourites of my books. I loved researching it, loved writing it, and when I had finished writing it I actually slept with the manuscript next to my bed for several months.

I do feel rather bad about having favourites at all - it feels rather like a mother having a favourite child - but at least, as a Twitter friend philosophically observed, it won't make the book need a shrink!

Anyway, given how fond I am of the book, I was thrilled when Club Fantasci chose it as their April Book of the Month. Club Fantasci describe themselves as "the book club taking the stigma out of speculative fiction" and they cover all sorts of things including sci fi, steampunk and paranormal. They meet online to discuss each month's book (glass of wine optional). You can find them on Goodreads as well as here: Club Fantasci

I was unable to attend the virtual meeting to discuss The Glass Demon because although it was scheduled to start at the civilised hour of 7.30pm in the USA, that translates to 1.30am here in Scotland. I guess it would be quite rock'n'roll to sit up all night discussing speculative fiction but sadly I need my sleep! So I watched the recording on YouTube the next day instead. You can see it here:

Huge big thanks to David, Ciara, Dionne and Kriss for this! I was fascinated to hear what they had to say about issues like whether the book belongs to a specific genre, and whether it "feels" like a YA novel or not. They also raised some questions, such as - how did Tuesday come to have such a late baby? (Her youngest, Ru, is a toddler, whilst heroine Lin and her sister are in their teens). 

I decided it would be fun to offer some of my thoughts about the issues they covered and the questions they raised, so this morning I recorded a video response, which you can see here:

In the clip, I'm talking about whether there really is a demon in The Glass Demon, whom I write for, and the pros and cons of writing in the first person, amongst other topics. 

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