Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Why ghost stories?"

I'm delighted to say that my ghost story collection, which has been available for pre-order since before Christmas, will be out shortly! The collection comprises seven supernatural tales.

Here's what publisher Swan River Press has to say about it: "In her first collection, award-winning author Helen Grant plumbs the depths of the uncanny: Ten fathoms down, where the light filtering through the salt water turns everything grey-green, something awaits unwary divers. A self-aggrandising art critic travelling in rural Slovakia finds love with a beauty half his age — and pays the price. In a small German town, a nocturnal visitor preys upon children; there is a way to keep it off — but the ritual must be perfect. A rock climber dares to scale a local crag with a diabolical reputation, and makes a shocking discovery at the top. In each of these seven tales, unpleasantries and grotesqueries abound — and Grant reminds us with each one that there can be fates even worse than death." 

(On that last point, my daughter says that one of them is "running out of chocolate"...)

I'm also pleased to say that Jason E. Rolfe has interviewed me about the new collection and asked lots of interesting questions such as "Why ghost stories?" which is a good question because my novels are not ghostly, although they often include apparently supernatural elements. You can read the interview on Swan River's website here: 

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