Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Next Big Things speak out...!

Last week I blogged as part of the current "Next Big Thing" meme going round on authors' blogs. I nominated Jenna Burtenshaw and Susy McPhee as my two writers to watch.

I'm pleased to say that Jenna's blog post is now up; you can read it here:

Jenna's Next Big Thing

Susy will be posting soon, and I'll post a link to her blog too in due course.

Meanwhile I'm beetling away at the sequel to Silent Saturday, whose title is The Demons of Ghent (no prizes for guessing where that one is set!). I'll also be blogging soon with some interesting news about a separate project I am working on - one with a ghostly theme! - and once I get an hour or two to sort through the relevant photos I shall be posting the long-promised article about the Steinfeld glass.

Busy, busy, busy! :-)

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