Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...

I seem to have spent most of my blogging time recently talking about the ancient books at Innerpeffray Library, so I thought perhaps I should stop going on about those for a bit and post a bit of news about my own books.
Silent Saturday, the first in my Forbidden Spaces trilogy set in Flanders, is being published in spring 2013 by Bodley Head, an imprint of Random House UK. I'm pleased to say that we have got through the copyediting stage without too many traumas.
Meanwhile I am hard at work on the first draft of The Demons of Ghent, the second book in the trilogy, set (obviously) in the gorgeous old city of Ghent. I fell in love with the city when we visited it several years ago, and thought it would make a fabulous setting for a thriller. I absolutely do not want to give any spoilers but one thing I will say about the trilogy is that I am working as hard as I can to make each book a satisfying story in itself. As a reader, my pet hate is a series or trilogy that is one narrative just hacked into chunks!
I'm currently at about 72,000 words with The Demons of Ghent and hope to be finished before Christmas. After that I shall be starting on book three, Urban Legends. Normally I try to take a break of a couple of weeks between books, but every time I do that, I seem to go down with the flu or some other horrible thing! I guess I somehow save these things up for when I have the free time to be ill. So this time I am going to try to sidestep the whole break and plan something active and interesting instead. I might make it to Dunfermline at last to look at the Abbey, or play around with some ideas for whatever I am going to write when Urban Legends is finished. I also hope to have some news very soon of a short fiction project I am working on! I may have the news in time for Hallowe'en with a bit of luck.

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