Saturday, May 12, 2012

More creepy stuff from Perthshire

 Looking back, I seem to have posted about nothing but churches recently. So here's something different. Well, it does have a cross on top of it, but apart from that...
This monument is at the side of the road which runs between Dunning and Auchterarder. It's a monument to "Maggie Wall, burnt here 1657 as a witch."
I did a bit of ferreting around on the internet and it would appear that some people think Maggie Wall didn't exist at all. However, many people were executed as witches in 17th century Perthshire.
The thing I find a wee bit creepy is the little offerings (bottom picture) that people have left on the monument. As well as the coins there are candles, and apparently children's soft toys have also been spotted there, wedged between the stones. Why?


  1. I saw a very young boy (5 or 6-ish) placing something here with ceremony as I was driving by a few years ago (on my way back from Tullibardine)

  2. That is VERY sinister! I must ask around and see if anyone knows why. I am going to a talk about witchcraft in this area tomorrow so maybe the speaker will know.