Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sewers, bell towers and catacombs!

Writing is a distinctly solitary business, so I enjoy doing an "event" now and again. Last week I visited Perth Academy to run a ghost story writing workshop with a group of S1 creative writing & drama students, and this week I gave a talk to the Rotary Club of Crieff. The topic was "Finding inspiration: sewers, bell towers and catacombs." It was all about the places that have inspired my books, past and future. I'm happy to talk on a variety of topics but the Rotary club fancied this particular one, though I did wonder whether they regretted the choice when dinner ended and I launched into a description of decomposing corpses contaminating the water supply in 18th century Paris! They're a staunch lot though, and managed to keep their haggis, neeps and tatties down.

The photograph is by David Smart (thanks, David!) and shows me with Vice President George Penny.


  1. The grey font on a black background is almost unreadable.

  2. Hi Margarita1
    Do you mean the text of the blog? It's coming up as black font on white on my computer.

    1. OK, I just checked with a bunch of friends and all of them are seeing black font on a white background, all legible. Someone said they briefly saw grey on black before the screen had fully loaded so they wondered whether maybe it has frozen during loading? I have asked the web designer if she can suggest anything. Best, Helen

  3. All fine now, so must have been my computer - sorry!

  4. Sewers, bell towers and catacombs sounds like a great topic! Any chance you may run any workshops elsewhere in the UK?

  5. Hi Emma, so sorry not to have replied before - I haven't looked at my blog for a bit owing to not one but TWO bouts of some nasty flu-like bug and a rash of visitors! I'm always open to doing events. I don't have a specific programme planned but tend to go where I'm invited (bit like a vampire, really...). Whereabouts are you located?