Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks BSB!

I had a brilliant time this morning making my first Carnegie shadowing scheme-related school visit, to the British School of Brussels (BSB) where I chatted about The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, and answered questions from the shadowing group - super questions too! I love it when anyone asks me whether anyone in my books is based on a real person. (The answer is yes, but only one; Pia's mother Kate was based on myself, just for fun. I often say those crabby things to my kids - "Clear it up or it goes in the bin" etc. When I showed my manuscript to several agents I was somewhat dismayed when one of them said "Love the book, but Pia's mother - she's such a bitch!")
It was a really lively session and I could happily have continued with it for another hour! I'll be back at the BSB in the autumn anyway as part of their Book Week. A big thanks to all concerned - especially for the box of pralines, which are always welcome!!!

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